Study visit to the Jewish Community in Split

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At the end of the second day of the 4th InterCap partners project meeting held in Split, the conference host Marina Meić took us to the Jewish Synagogue, located on Židovski prolaz (Jewish passage). We were hosted by Ana Lebl, the president of the Jewish community in Split. Ana explained that the history of the Jewish community in Split dates back to about 3 centuries C.E. The current population of the community is about 100 and has never been more than 300. The small but vibrant community acknowledges the importance of intercultural dialogue with other communities, like the Muslim or LGBT communities and attends their events, to forge relationships.
They are also actively engaged in projects like the renovation of the Jewish cemetery in Split, with a possibility of upgrading it to a park.
The visit was a refreshing eye opener and we recommend it to anyone interested in migration, diversity, interreligious/intercultural education or simply in learning more about this small but vibrant community. Thank you, Ana.